C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter

Use Binding as Converter. Parameter. I was struggling with the same problem and not getting the data that i wanted. You cant bind to a converter. Parameter, thats just how its made at the current date. But i really wanted to get some kind of data sent to the parameter. Start with giving Compare. To a x NameCompare. To or whatever you want to call it. Element. AttributeBinding Value. ConverterStatic. Resource Equality. Converter. Converter. Parameterx reference Compare. C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' title='C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' />How do I pass string with spaces to converterParameter Binding Value, Sourcex. Browse other questions tagged c wpf or ask your own question. WPF Binding Converter Parameter. In this post we will be discussing how we can bind ConverterParameter used in WPF Binding. BindingReflector, C, Converter. To. By doing x reference its actually sending some data now, you just have to grab it. For me the value i needed was the string value so that i could do certain If statements. So you could do something similar to ifCompare. C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' title='C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' />To my. Cool. String. Value Well i guess im not so cool. This is how i got my data from the parameter public class My. Converter IValue. Converter. public object Convertobject value, Type target. KB/WPF/DataBindingDeepDive/CalendarStep2.png' alt='C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' title='C# Wpf Binding Converterparameter' />Wpf Binding XamlC# Wpf Binding ConverterparameterType, object parameter, Culture. Info culture. if parameter null. Image. var src image. Source as File. Image. Source. if src. File. To. String coolimage. In my case i was working with and image and needed the to know if one image was A then B needed to change into image C. X Bind ConverterparameterThis should work with other objects aswell. With a little luck this will get you somewhat closer to a kind of simplistic Multibinding and answer. Hope this was helpful as its my first ever post on StackoverflowIValueConverter, pass calling object as. Nfs Most Wanted Crack File Speed Exe. Windows Presentation Foundation. Im trying to pass a variable defined in the code behind as ConverterParameter. Ill use this parameter in the converter then to decide on some unit conversion. The. C WPFBinding ConverterParameter,CWPFWPF.