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The best email clients for Windows 2. Matteo Spinellis Cubiq. An update to my previous guide was long overdue. What did change in the last two years Unfortunately not much, the Windows email client landscape is still sad and stagnant but there are some good news and a couple of new entries so I thought it was time for an update. The short story is for regular not too intense use go for Thunderbird power users can try The Bat or Claws if email is mission critical, Outlook. Meaning we are all doomed Lets start from a new entry. Page-4/Foxmail/page.files/foxmail_template.png' alt='Foxmail Microsoft Exchange Server' title='Foxmail Microsoft Exchange Server' />Claws Mail is a Sylpheed spin off but grew its own personality over time. Despite being lesser know email clients at least in the Windows realm and a bit old school, they are both actively developed. Actually they are updated more often than the bigger brother alternatives. I used Claws Mail extensively on both Windows and Linux, its a solid email solution with a lot of plugins. I consider it a hard core client, configuration is rather complicated especially for gmail accounts, but its pretty stable. Where Is The Outlook PST file. Ways to Find It In this brief video tutorial, I will review to show you where is the outlook pst file location for all. Virtual Dj 8 For Tablet Android more. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. Us Customs Reconciliation Handbook. Join them it only takes a minute Sign up. The graphics interface is like 1. You can change layout view, group messages by threads and save sent mail into the same folder of the message you are replying to ala Gmail. It is not without fault, though. File formats starting with a letter B Thanks to FileExtension. In. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP il protocollo standard per la trasmissione via internet di email. In italiano si potrebbe tradurre come Protocollo. Apart from the configuration complexity, Gmail integration is not ideal. You have to tinker with your google account and sometimes the drafts are not deleted after you send the message. LiveOutlook accounts work well but they are pretty slow and sometimes the connection is lost most likely a Microsoft issue since it happens with the official client too. It is instead incredibly good at plain ol IMAP. All the accounts I have on my servers work like a charm. Foxmail Microsoft Exchange Server' title='Foxmail Microsoft Exchange Server' />Foxmail Microsoft Exchange ServerFast, smooth and it doesnt create funky foldersfiles on the server. So if all you have are standard IMAPS or POP3 for the matter accounts, Claws mail really shines. My vote 3. 4 5. An all time favorite. Its not a free software, but the 2. At Ritlabs they take security very seriously and they made of encryption and malware protection their flagship but the interface is outdated, reminiscent of a Windows XP era that we all love but also trying to forget. The configuration of common email services outlook, gmail, yahoo, is probably the easiest and fastest Ive seen so far just fill email address and password and everything is up and running in seconds. Gmail two factor authentication is also taken care of without breaking a sweat. Same goes for custom IMAPPOP servers but beware that certificate exceptions are not allowed so you better do your self signed certificates right. The client features a custom HTML viewer for a better malware protection. It is generally good enough but it certainly doesnt shine. Looking at HTML emails is a bit like browsing the web on Internet Explorer 5. Power. Mac G4 you have in the attic. The biggest problem with The Bat Changing even the smallest of the details in the user interface becomes a long and tedious endeavor. Options are often named in weird ways and updates to the layout are not shown in real time but you have to go into the preferences, apply the changes, hope that you picked the right check box and start all over again. If you can get your head around the configuration process, well then, you can hardly beat The Bat My vote 3. Mozilla abandoned their beloved email client and thats the best thing that could have happened to Thunderbird. The community picked it up and not long ago they released the first community edition. Mozilla was not clearly able or interested to dedicate resources to Thunderbird but the community could save the go to Outlook alternative. I installed the latest beta which is actually due for release today to get an idea of what the next version will be. I believe the most welcome addition is the maildir support. You could already enable maildir compared to mbox, but it has always been an unsupported feature this time you can select it directly from the advanced options. This means that we can finally save one file per email instead of having one huge file with everything inside. Something that has been requested since the dawn of time but never made it to an official release. New account configuration is painless, everything worked out of the box including two step verification. IMAP feels less snappy than on Claws or The BatThunderbird is a heavier software, but it is also powered by Firefox and it supports a gazillion plugins. Gmail integration seems noticeably better than two years ago, and I havent encountered major issues in the little time I tested it. Custom IMAP accounts may need some advanced configuration based on your server setup, but nothing terribly complicated. I discouraged using Thunderbird in my previous article, but now, in this new incarnation and with the community support I think it is once again the number one email reader choice. My vote 3. 6 5. Ill try to stay objective here but before I start I need to give you some background story. When I first reviewed Mailbird almost two years ago it was version 1 point something I discovered that the software was phoning home personal information email address, name and session ID to a Mailbird server. Not only that, but they were transferring data in plain text over an unprotected connecting. I was pretty shocked that all of the reviews at the time failed to mention that and I realized that most of the best email clients blog posts on the internet are just click baits. Anyway, I asked for an explanation to the developers about the curious behavior of their software and I got a reply from their CTO where he says that they are not breaking any law, your email is not considered personal information and their users never complained. I blogged about my findings and after few months, when my post reached the top of google search results, Mailbird contacted me saying that they solved the issue. They did not. They just obfuscated the same info they were already sending to themselves there was still no encryption and still no opt out. More months passed and with Mailbird v. Will it be true Time to check it out. I installed the latest version and fired a packet sniffer. If you dont disable the usage sharing, Mailbird indeed sends analytics to mixpanel and to one of their server hosted on unoeuro a cheap 1 euro hosting service. If you opt out they dont send data to mixpanel, but theres still encrypted communication with 9. Funnily enough that same IP resolves to magicalmailapp. Mailbird previously used to leak data. I cant say what they are sharing, but surely the opt out is not completely opting you out. UPDATE Ive been contacted by Mailbird CTO, he ensures me that the connection to magicalmailapp. Youd think that at least they are storing information on a super secure dedicated server, it turned out that the IP is shared with 4. If you are aware of all the above and still willing to use Mailbird, I tested it for you anyway. The application has an attractive and modern interface, you rarely see such well designed interfaces on Windows but its still a bit laggy even on my super powered rig. Email accounts are easy to setup and everything seems to work out of the box. Development is also very fast and aggressive. Lately I saw a new version coming at least every other week. I find it a bit annoying when an application updates too often, but at least you know that it is a lively email client. 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