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Optical illusion will tell you how dirty your mind is depending on what you see Life Life Style. IMGURThis is the latest optical illusion baffling the internet The latest image which has the internet baffled is a simple one, made up of six curved lines and a big pair of dots but what you think the lines and dots depict might reveal a lot about some of your obsessions. For some, sex can play on the mind a little too often. Many people when they look at this image for the first time might be convinced its an abstract drawing of a woman, which includes her torso, hips and a sizeable pair of breasts. But this isnt the only thing the picture can represent. Related articles. Not everyone has a dirty mind, and those who arent so obsessed with sex might look at the the image and see two stick men dancing. The dots are their heads, the curved lines at the top of the picture are their arms, the vertical curves are their bodies and and the shorter curved lines at the bottom create the mens second leg. According to psychologists, the brain can see the two images almost simultaneously but one stands out more depending on your experiences and thoughts. All Station Code In India Pdf. Another optical illusion circulating the internet can reveal a lot about your personality. PLAYBUZZThis optical illusion might reveal a lot about your personality The black and white image can look like many things to different people, but there are two more prominent than anything else. Some people may see the back of a womans head and others an elderly man. Experts say if you see the girls head youre an optimist and curious as well as impulsive. Also that you like help others, you dont give up and are strong minded. SANDRO DEL PRETEThis optical illusion will also reveal how dirty your mind is. If you see the elderly gentleman, it means youre calm, honest and a natural leader. It also means your faithful and a perfectionist. If youre not convinced you have a dirty mind, another tell tale optical illusion could help you out. Another optical illusion divided the internet with whether it looked like a naked couple in a steamy embrace or nine dolphins. Related articles. Ambys Education Resources Math Puzzles and Learning Activities. Mark Parkinson Psychometric Tests. More about this page. The list on this page was compiled by Dr. Mark Parkinson. Mark is a Business Psychologist and test questionnaire designer. He advises businesses, not for profit organisations and universities on assessment, selection and development matters. Crossword Giant Crossword puzzle solver. Solves crosswords by clues or by pattern matching. Cross references clues to answers as well as to past puzzles. 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The magnitude of the correlation is influenced by the accuracy of the measures. Work based criterion measures are often relatively innacurate or limited leading to what look like modest correlations eg 0. Also see this article on incremental validity. Cliches and expressions give us many wonderful figures of speech and words in the English language, as they evolve via use and misuse alike. Many cliches and. Visualization puzzles to test your Non Verbal Reasoning. Non Verbal Reasoning. Non Verbal Reasoning is ability to understand visual information and solve puzzles. Its a lot harder to take the money and run when the cash you want is trapped inside an ATM. But some daring thieves in Arkansas recently used a forklift in. Optical Illusion is something which deceives the eyes and mind by appearing to be different than what it is in reality. Here are some of the Optical Illusion many of. Can YOU spot the hidden images Latest optical illusion brainteasers to baffle the web reveal if youre an introvert or extrovert There are five pictures in this. Be Amazed by these optical illusions that fool your eyes. These are fun optical illusion games that will puzzle you.