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Lucida Bright Bold Font Free' title='Lucida Bright Bold Font Free' />Excellent Fonts For Screen and Print. Well, its been a few months since my last post about fonts and typefaces and since then Ive done a lot more exploring into the vast world of typefaces and returned with some very interesting finds. I am the Indiana Jones of the typeface world. We are here to support your needs. Please see the contacts below for questions Coaching Staff for issues related to Practices, Meets, Swimmers, Facilities. As followers of my site will know, I particular passion of mine is Graphical User Interface GUI design. Hell, I work on computers for many hours a day, mainly my own, and have a lot of experience and interest in customising and theming Linux Operating Systems. I am, consciously and subconsciously, always seeking the perfect GUI for Operating Systems. And a very large chunk of what makes a GUI look so usable and appealing is in the choice of font used. ANYCHARACTERHEREFonts In The World of GUIYou only have to look at real world examples to understand this. Apples celebrated Aqua interface, used in their OS X series of Operating Systems, is one of the worlds most recognisable, usable and beautiful GUIs available. Undoubtedly, a vital part of the Aqua look is in the font used Lucida Grande. Such is the popularity and beauty of this font that it has become widely used as the body text font on websites all over the internet. Custom Vinyl Truck Decals and Lettering. Creating a custom look on a truck can sometimes be difficult, but to really make your truck standout easily, use Make A Decal. It is, for example, Facebooks primary font. I also use it on my site. The Aqua Interface as shown on Mac OS X LeopardANYCHARACTERHEREIn the world of Microsoft Windows, the release of their Vista OS also introduced a brand new GUI named Aero featuring translucent glassy windows, glossy buttons and a brand new system font called Segoe UI. Segoe UI is an excellent humanist sans serif that has proven to be very popular and highly legible to boot. Lucida Bright Bold Font Free' title='Lucida Bright Bold Font Free' />Logo The Heineken Spark is the name of the new company visual identity. It is an essential asset for our company as it represents our company globally to our. Make banners for your website or Facebook profile page here for FREE. Create web banners using layers, stencils, and your own uploaded images too. So successful was this font choice that Microsoft decided to keep it for their subsequent OS release Windows 7. The Aero GUI as shown in Microsoft Windows 7. ANYCHARACTERHEREFonts In The World of Linux GUILinux, up until recent times, remained unremarkable when it came to GUI design. Really, its been in the last 2 3 years that we have seen considerable advances in the GUI of Linux desktops. Ubuntu made strides forward with its Human interface featuring subtle browns and bright orange icons. Similarly, Su. SE and open. Su. SE became well known for their primarily green colour scheme. But what was missing from the GUI of these two great Linux distros was a magnificent screen font. Many Linux distros, including Ubuntu and Su. SE, adopted the Deja. Vu family of fonts, which is a nice family of fonts but certainly not on a par with Lucida Grande or Segoe UI. But all of that is changing. With the release of Ubuntus Lucid Lynx LTS OS, we saw a brand new UI, named Light. Ubuntu Lucid shipped with two new default themes Ambiance and Radiance a new icon theme called Humanity, and a completely new branding overhaul, complete with a new logo and colour palette of white, orange and aubergine purple. The new interface was adored and hated in equal measure by many but more importantly, whether you hated the look or not, it signified a new direction from Ubuntu in particular and from Linux general and that was a move towards mainstream mass usage. And, for typeface lovers like me, a further development announced in Mark Shuttleworths post on the new Ubuntu UI was the immediate development of a new humanist sans serif designed specifically for Ubuntu. It would simply be called Ubuntu and developed by the famous font foundry Dalton Maag. The font itself was not ready for the Lucid release but we should hopefully see it in use for the forthcoming Maverick Meerkat release in October 2. Until that glorious day when the new Ubuntu font is released, Ive been searching and experimenting with various typefaces on my desktop. I have accumulated here what I consider to be the best fonts for screen usage, as well as a couple of other fonts Im fond of that are useful for print design. Even better is that these fonts are free. ANYCHARACTERHERESans Screen Fonts. ANYCHARACTERHEREAller Sans. A showcase of the Aller Sans font. Aller Sans was designed for the Danish School of Media and Journalism and developed by Dalton Maag the company currently working on the new Ubuntu typeface. Aller Sans is an excellent sans font for screen legibility it showcases slightly thicker than average strokes and is readable at all sizes. The font package itself includes properly rendered bold and italic styles as well as providing two alternative variants as well Light, a thinner version that works nicely for headers, and Display, a bold mixed case style. Its been properly kerned and hinted for screen use as well. Curiously, in the few previews Ive seen of the new Ubuntu font, Aller Sans and Ubuntu show remarkable similarities. Perhaps this typeface is the precursor to the new Ubuntu font The font is free for use non and commercial use. ANYCHARACTERHEREPT Sans. Showcase of PT Sans. A typeface I found fairly recently, PT Sans is a remarkable humanist sans serif with excellent legibility for screen use. The PT Sans family was developed as a part of the project Public Types of Russian Federation. The fonts of this project have open user license and can be freely distributed. The main aim of the project is to give possibility to the peoples of Russia to read and write on their native languages. It bears some resemblance to Aller sans, particular in the numerical characters where PT Sans has more uniform metrics than Aller Sans. PT Sans has extensive Eurasian language support and includes, as well as properly rendered Bold and Italic styles, a Caption style for smaller uses and a Narrow version for more economic purposes. Both extra styles are still excellent screen fonts. PT Sans is free for non and commercial use. ANYCHARACTERHEREDroid Sans. A showcase of Droid Sans. Developed for the mobile phone platform Android, Droid Sans is undoubtedly one of the best humanist sans serif typefaces to be released in recent times. It is practically flawless the hinting and kerning of the font is perfect, its readable in every size and its very, very beautiful. Droid Sans is quickly becoming an extremely popular typeface to use, not just for use in Linux distros, but also many websites are now adopting the font for use in body text. The Droid font family also includes an excellent monospaced typeface and a serif variations as well. All bold and italic styles are properly rendered and hinted. Use of the font falls under the Apache License. ANYCHARACTERHEREM Plus. Showcase of M Plus font. To this day, I still cant remember where I found the M Plus font family website, but Im glad I did. This font family is huge. It contains, and I quote Basic Latin, Latin 1 Supplement, Latin Extended A, and IPA Extensions. And most of Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, and extended glyphs and symbols were prepared too. So the fonts are in conformity with ISO 8. Windows 1. 25. 2, T1, and VISCII encoding. In addition, proportional M P Type 1 and M P Type 2 fonts were completed with Latin Extended B, Latin Extended Additional, and Windows Glyph List 4 WGL4. And many Greek, Cyrillic, IPA Extensions glyphs, and symbols were expanded. Those additional glyphs are included in M C provisionality. The font family contains 7 styles M 1c, M 1m, M 1mn, M 1p, M 2c, M 2m, M 2p and in a variety of different weights, from thin to heavy. Its a very readable font but you can tell its still in heavy development the kerning needs addressing too much space between characters at around 1. Freehold Old Bridge YMCA Coaches. Brian Henningsen. Assistant Head Coach. Email. Brian began swimming at the age of 6 for a summer league. He started swimming for the Ocean County YMCA at the age. Brian graduated from Ramapo College in 2. B. A. in Law Society and swam for the college all. All. Metropolitan Conference in the 1. NJAC Honors in the 2. Currently he is part of. This is. his second year with the FOBY Swim Team. Michael Spitzer. Head Age Group Coach. Email. Michael started competitive swimming at the age of 1. Red Bank Swim team. Spy Fox 3 Rapidshare. During his sophomore year of high school, he. FOBY swim team. While. Rutgers University Michael decided to coach at Scarlet. Aquatics. He ran the 1. During his time there, Mike had many Junior Olympic. New Jersey state record holders. He graduated from. Rutgers University New Brunswick with a B. S. in Biological Sciences. Human Resource Management. This is his. 6th season coaching competitive swimming. Motaz Diab. Assistant Coach. Email. Motaz started competitive swimming in Middle School and continued working in the aquatics and fitness arena for 2. New Jersey and New York. He currently is an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Instructor Teaching LifeguardingCPRAEDFirst Aid. He also teaches private swim lessons focusing on competitive strokes. He is passionate about the sport and believes that every swimmer has the potential to excel. Hard work, perseverance and determination are all what make a successful athlete and team. Kelly Barruffe. Assistant Coach. Email. Kelly has been. Kelly started swimming at the age of 1. OCY swim team. Her senior year she decided to switch teams. FOBY swim team. She is currently attending Georgian. Court University where she is learning to become an. Joe Torres. Assistant Coach. Email. Brigid Rothenberg. Assistant coach. Email. Swimming has been a part of my life from the beginning. I started swimming competitively at age 1. Easton PA YMCA.   In high school I swam for the Garden State Swim Club in Berkley Heights. My life took some turns that took me away from the sport for many years, but in 1. I ended up in Red Bank at the Community YMCA and spent 2. I also started competing again in their Masters program. When OBY opened I was offered the opportunity to work as the Assistant Aquatics Director. One of the things I asked for was that I be able to continue coaching 8 under swimmers. Its been my passion to work with and help develop young swimmers, and Im grateful to the FOBY team and coaching staff that theyve enabled me to continue doing what I love most Jessica Wone. Assistant coach. Email. Jessica learned how to swim at the Freehold YMCA when she was eight years old. Between the ages of twelve and eighteen, she swam for the Freehold YMCA swim team. She was awarded the honor of most improved swimmer her final year.