Mirai Nikki Manga

Aqui encontraran todos los animesovasmangaspeliculas que tenemos en sokanime. Anime and Manga Yandere. Pandora Hearts. Vincent would do anything for the sake of his older brother Gilbert. In fact, he takes Yandere to a whole new level his ultimate goal in the series is to get the Will of the Abyss to change the past into one in which he doesnt exist, all because he regrets that Gil had to suffer for being related to him when they were children. Yes, he would destroy himself for the sake of the person he loves. As of Retrace L, Leo also appears to be one for Elliot. Listado de todas las series manga disponibles para leer online. Mirai Nikki Manga CoverThe latters sudden deathdoesnt make anything better for the former. Leo If Elliot has an enemy, no matter who he may be, Ill kill him Even, for example, if it is you, Oz, or even myself. Oz Alice, dont cry. Whoever makes you sad, whoever hurts you, I will destroy them. All of them. With my own hands. The Will of the Abyss before she recovers her shattered memories is yandere for Jack. Miranda Barma is yandere for Oswalds. Perhaps the most extreme example is Jacks obsession with Lacie. Microsoft Train Simulator Demo Mac. After she is sacrificed to the Abyss, he vows to meet her again by destroying the chains that support the world and sending it into the Abyss with her. In essence, he almost singlehandedly caused the Tragedy of Sablier and is the reason for why many of the characters are so messed up. Jack To me. this world is like a dark night that swallows everything. Program Radio Cultural Azi on this page. But since you came into my life. I dont need friends or status anymore. I only need. to have you by my side. I4fMRYx7Pew/WDHpFx31dZI/AAAAAAFi4dw/402kkoHxBfo/w1900/MR-6441-103770-1.jpg' alt='Mirai Nikki Manga Review' title='Mirai Nikki Manga Review' />Sok Anime Lista AnimeManga.