Program Car Gas Milage

Chevy-C101-640x360.jpg' alt='Program Car Gas Milage' title='Program Car Gas Milage' />Nissan Pathfinder Questions does anybody know if the gforce performance chip actually works or not. My attention was brought back to this thread when somebody gave me a helpful click. The GForce Performance Chip is marketed and sold as a way to improve the performance of your car, but the state of California says its all a sham. California has sued Ravi Ghataode, the owner of Gold Star Auto Sound and the creator of the GForce Performance Chip The lawsuit alleges Ghataode made at least 1. GForce Performance Chips to more than 3. Api 3000 Manual. California prosecutors say the GForce marketing campaign is nothing but lies and deceit used to convince consumers to throw away 6. Who is Ravi GhataodeAKA Terry Mc. Cauley, Robert Ghataode and Robert Jones Its not the first time Ravi Ghataode has faced the legal wrath of California prosecutors. From approximately 2. Ghataode operated Gold Star Auto Sound, Inc. Gold Star Audio, Gold Star Audio Sound, Inc., Dealer Cost Audio, Indo Audio, and a suspended corporation called National Audio Center Now Scimitar. POS, Power of Suggestion and the other well known usage of POS. Piece of S and its not a single individual bringing this lawsuit. Its THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE, because of so many complaints Note the 1. Program Car Gas Milage' title='Program Car Gas Milage' />Does anybody know if the gforce performance chip actually works or not. Gear Vendors Save Gas or Diesel Fuel Extend Chevrolet or GMC 700R4, 4l60E and 4L80E Mileage, Extend Engine Life, Start Saving Money Today Does your Chevrolet or GMC. Car ECU Chip Tuning and OBD Diagnostics Experts for Auto Mechanics, Home Car OwnersEnthusiasts and Performance Tuners. Uber Gets Run Over by its Own Subprime Auto Leases. Looking for a smoother ride and improved fuel economy in your next car Then you may want to consider a vehicle with a continuously variable transmission CVT. Welcome to Zipcar. Zipcar is the worlds largest car sharing and car club service. We are an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. Dislikes. Rear seat is tightest in the segment Handling is above averagebut only slightly Gas mileage cant compete with hybrids, plugins Can it escape the last. A15_CD09HYPERMILERSJCD09p1.jpg?w=600&h=431' alt='Program Car Gas Milage' title='Program Car Gas Milage' />MILLION You use of 1 of that ill gotten dirty money, pay a lawyer 7. And if this case went before only a Judge, not a jury, heshe has spent their adult life studying law, not cars. All one needs to do is look at doctorhashs post above.