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TRS 8. 0 Software Scott Adams Adventures. If you have Model I, III or 4 TRS 8. Scott Adams Games' title='Scott Adams Games' />If the data is intact, I can read them into virtual disk files DMK files which will serve not only to archive the disk forever, but would also allow you to use those virtual disks in an emulator on your current computer, and to extract the data to your current computer if you wanted to. The media on these disks and tapes were not intended to hold data for 3. If you do have disks lying around, I would encourage you to contact me. Frequently asked questions can be answered hereScott Adams has been credited on games developed by the following companies Adventure International, Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Starsoft Development Laboratories. While the name Scott Adams may conjure up the thought of a certain comic artist, fans of interactive fiction will remember instead the iconic game developer and. The man sitting at the desk is Scott Adams. This game is as tricky and devious as. Scott achieved. Scott Adams Adventures Play Online. The Scott Adams original text Adventure games are still copyrighted by Scott Adams and are not Public Domain. Find great deals on eBay for scott adams games. Shop with confidence. Scott Adams Video Game Credits and Biography. Game Credits. Developer Biography. Scott Adams b. 1. July 1. 95. 2 is considered the founder of adventure style games interactive fiction for personal computers. Together with his wife Alexis, he founded Adventure International as a publisher of games for home computers. Mobile Games Download Free For Nokia E71. Inspired by ADVENTURE written by college students Will Crowther and Don Woods for a DEC computer in 1. Scott Adams wrote his first game Adventureland in 1. It was originally created for the TRS 8. BASIC programming language. Between 1. 97. 8 and 1. He remade his original games as SAGAs Scott Adams Graphical Adventures. In the mid eighties, the company went out of business and Scott became a senior programmer for Avista, Inc Formerly Insight Industries, Inc in Platteville, Wisconsin. After a hiatus of 1. Return to Pirates Island 2 in August 2. This was followed by The Inheritance in 2. Last updated Oct 1.