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Surely Nothing but Satan Himself Could Explain This European Heat Wave Named LuciferA devastating heat wave surging through southern Europe has earned the unofficial moniker of Lucifer, according to several news reports this weekend. Things over there do seem pretty bad, real bad, bad enough there that the only logical conclusion is Satan danced down there himself, possibly with a fiddle, and played a song which cursed the very winds themselves with the tunes of brimstone and ruin after somebody lost a bet. At least two people died over the course of the heat wave, which caused temperatures to spike as high as 4. Celsius 1. 11 Fahrenheit in southern Spain and 4. Celsius 1. 04 Fahrenheit in the French Riviera, per the New York Times. Temperatures were forecast as high as slightly over 4. Celsius 1. 08 Fahrenheit in mainland Greece. According to Agence France Presse, local conditions in Italys Campania region caused temperatures to feel much higher, around 5. Celsius 1. 31 Farenheit. Surging electrical demand in Poland caused the government to warn of possible infrastructure failures and disperse staff early. Train tracks in southern Serbia warped, the Romanian government urged Bucharest residents to stay indoors and an Italian drought which has already cost over 1 billion dragged on. DS/50588-the-legend-of-zelda-spirit-tracks.png' alt='Zelda Spirit Tracks Nds Rom Patch' title='Zelda Spirit Tracks Nds Rom Patch' />Per Reuters, the Italian grape harvest started weeks early, with Slow Food movement leader Carlo Petrini telling La Stampa he had never heard of it ever starting before August 1. Reuters also reported 3. Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Croatia. While the Times reported two deaths, AFP reported as many as five, with hospital admissions in Italy running 1. Its almost enough to make one wonder if this heat wave could be correlated with all those other heat waves across the world, or the inexplicable trend of the planet breaking global heat records on a regular basis. Maybe theres some kind of thing that we, humans, are pumping into the atmosphere that causes it to retain more heat, perhaps making said events more likely. Hmm. But since no such theory, perhaps of so called global climate change, has been devised or vetted by the vast majority of climate scientists, were just going to have to hand it to the devil on this one and guess the thing we are pumping into the atmosphere is sin. Curse you, LuciferNew York Times. Equifax, the major credit reporting agency which collected extensive financial data on hundreds of millions of Americans before losing said data on 143 million of. ROMNEWS Open Console Database. Adobe Premiere Elements Xvid Codec For Mac on this page. Courtesy of Abyssus, heres some video of Zelda Breath in the Wild running on the PCs CEMU emulator in big, beautiful 4K. What Are You Playing This Weekend The weekend is for trying to parcel out a book youre really enjoying so you dont finish it too soon and have nothing to read on the subway. Also, video games. Ill be playing Dishonored Death of the Outsider, which we started today on Kotakus Facebook page. Spoilers guys get mad when you jump on them. Maybe dont jump on them a whole bunch. Its pretty cool so far, and Im psyched to see more of it. WOOD R4,R4i GOLD KernelR4i DS Software DownloadR4i Gold 3DS kernel,R4 English Kernel,Moonshell 1. For R4,Imgview0. 6 for R4,R4 DIY Skin,R4DS IO Interface,R4DS ROM. You have not yet voted on this site If you have already visited the site, please help us classify the good from the bad by voting on this site. What is defined. There are rules of naming and organizing files, rules that dictate how a file must be packaged and an nfo file, that contains required information. Tabtight professional, free when you need it, VPN service. Look for my thoughts on it early next week What about you What are you playingClassic video game modifications, fan translations, homebrew, utilities, and learning resources.